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The foundation of the SMA educational approach is Flexible Learning, entailing: multi-level, part-time, full-time, module by module basis, distance learning, collaborative, thus enabling and supporting continuous life-long learning across the whole spectrum of the maritime industry from upskilling, vocational and training programmes to undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral research.

SMA is situated at Khorfakkan, a historical fishing and trading port, part of the silk road with seagoing and seafaring traditions that go back thousands of years; a quite little down with the best climate in the Emirates for students and staff to enjoy outdoor activities.

High percentage of female maritime students in the MENA region

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SMART2 Education – Flexible Learning

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Student Life

The Student Life Department at SMA aims at promoting students’ academic excellence and enhancing their professional and interpersonal skills by cultivating learning, engagement, and wellbeing in their lifetime college experience.

Student Activities

We have student activities like competitive exams, morning drill, sports activities and other standard activities

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Campus Facilities

Students at SMA have in house library, swimming pool, computer labs, cafeteria and other required facilities.

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