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The foundation of the SMA is derived from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi ruler of Sharjah and President of Sharjah Maritime Academy who envisions SMA as a hub for Maritime Studies in the UAE and beyond. SMA currently offers Undergraduate Programs and bespoke Training and Research Facilities in the fields of Maritime Transport, Marine Engineering, Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

In future, SMA will be offering several other programs both at Undergraduate and Post Graduate Level.

SMA is situated at Khorfakkan, a historical fishing and trading port, part of the silk road with seagoing and seafaring traditions that go back thousands of years; a quiet little town with the best climate in the Emirates for students and staff to enjoy outdoor activities.

High percentage of
female maritime students
in the MENA region

Scholarships for Sharjah Students

Industry Sponsor Studentship

SMART2 Education – Flexible Learning

Our Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Student Life

The Student Life Department at SMA aims at promoting students’ academic excellence and enhancing their professional and interpersonal skills by cultivating learning, engagement, and wellbeing in their lifetime college experience.

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Student Activities

We have student activities like competitive exams, morning drill, sports activities and other standard activities

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Campus Facilities

Students at SMA have in house library, swimming pool, computer labs, cafeteria and other required facilities.

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Student Testimonial

I chose the maritime field because of my great interest in sea life. It offers me a chance to immerse myself in the vastness of the oceans, and helps me unlock a world of exploration with its boundless opportunities. My experiences have shown me the importance of adaptability and teamwork. It’s a journey that I'm honored to be part of and I'm excited to see where it takes me next.
Haya Haytham
Haya Haytham
Maritime transport Technology
Women in the maritime field are making waves and inspiring girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly. I chose this journey to show that gender should never limit our ambitions, majoring in this field is an incredible experience! You'll learn about ships, navigation, and the ocean's wonders. It's a thrilling and rewarding journey⚓️..
Moza Alqaydi
Moza Alqaydi
Maritime Transport Technology
I chose to pursue my studies in the maritime field. It's been a dream come true for me to learn about ship design and marine communication because I've always been enchanted by the seas and ships. I am ready to set sail.
Mahra Alhammadi
Mahra Alhammadi
Maritime Transport Technology

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