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Student Life

1.     Student Support 

1.1             Disciplinary Measures and Code of conduct:  

SMA aims at preparing students to take a leading role in developing their societies and contributing to the success of their countries. Therefore, students are encouraged to abide by the rules and principles set out in the Code of Conduct that helps them identify their responsibilities, duties and expected behavioral patterns. The student support unit is responsible for informingstudents with the principles and rules that they must abide by on campus, maintaining an appropriate student conduct, and regulating students’ behavior.


1.2             Campus life and Student Engagement

At SMA, students enjoy a dynamic campus life experience where a variety of events and activities are organized regularly toenhance students’ skills and increase their engagement.


·      Student Clubs

Clubs address students’ talents and provide them with the 21st century skills required in the labormarket. Clubs are considered an essential highlight of the Student Life department as they work on creating an interactive atmosphere for students atcollege.  

Participating in clubs provides students with the opportunity to enhance the following skills:

·      Communication skills

·      Leadership skills

·      Teamwork

·      Time-management skills

·      Organizational skills

·      Decision -making skills


The current Clubs:

·      Book and Movie

·      Sustainability Club

·      Sports Club

·      Creative Writing Club

·      Social responsibility Club

·      Debating Club

·      Creativity Club


·      Trips:

SMA believes that trips is one way of providing students with the opportunities to have hands-on experience of practical life,adding an entertaining spirit to college life and increasing theirinterpersonal relationships with one another. Trips also Involve students incommunity services and engage them with people in need around them, hence encouraging their sense of responsibility towards others.

SMA offers FieldTrips, Recreational Trips and Humanitarian Trips:

Field Trips: Trips to industry-related destinations such as ports, libraries, exhibitions, and any local event that address students field of study.

Recreational: Trips to local and international destinations such as theme parks, boot camps, hiking, camping, Kayaking and others.

HumanitarianTrips: To orphanage houses, Elderly care centers, Special Needs Clubs and others.

·      Students Council

It aims to enhance cooperation and participation in teamwork between students, administration and faculty members, as it acts as a link between students and the academy administration to raise student issues and thus provide students with the opportunity to express different points of view.


2.      Student SuccessCentre

Provides academic services to a wide range of students, on top of which are the under-probation students whose GPA is less than 2.0. The services are also extended to students facing any academic difficulty even if their GPA is above 2.0 and those who aspire to improve their academic skills in general. Softskills, study skills, time-management skills, test-taking skills and otherskills needed throughout their journey in college.  


The services provided by the success centreinclude:

·      one-to-one tutoring

·      group tutoring,

·      workshops

·      lectures that aim at enhancing students skills such as  soft skills,study skills, time-management skills, test-taking skills and other skills needed through out their journey in college.


3.     Career advising

It forms a link between students and the business market, as it prepares students for the labor market by organizing workshops incoordination with institutions to provide courses and attract students fortraining in the field of work. The Career Advising Service centre supports the mission of SMA to empower students and alumni in their career journey.  


The mission is to encourage studentsto explore career paths, identify and develop skills, and pursue experiential opportunities. It aims to assist students and alumni as they explore, preparefor, and make successful future decisions. The centre offers a comprehensive program of professional and career services for students and alumni and developthe professional skills they will need to achieve their goals.


4.     Counselling services

Works on improving students’ wellbeing, communication, and adaptation skills. Its main objective is to provide the necessary support for the students who have social, psychological and communication problems that can affect their academic performance and mightlead to them failing or skipping semesters.


The counselling services include regular workshops and sessions given by specialists in the field addressing crucial problems that face students of this age. Group awareness sessions and free discussions of various topics focusing on students’ daily life, interactions, moods,habits, stresses, family problems, social interaction, communication, motivation, planning and other relevant issues are also arranged on regular basis.


5.     Sports activities

SMA offers a wide array of sports activities including football, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and others. A number of tournaments and sports events are organized on regular basis to encourage all students to participate.  A well-equipped gym is available for students who like exercise and workout daily.

Organizational Chart

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