Bachelor in Marine Engineering Technology (MET)

Key Facts:


commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA)

Program Title:

Bachelor of Marine Engineering Technology (MET)

Other Facts:

Effective Date: 9 June 2023

Renewal Date: 15 June 2028

Credit hours for completing the program: 137 Credit hours

Program Objectives

1. Provide a strong foundation in basic and advanced knowledge related to the marine engineering field.

2. Qualify students to pursue their professional careers or advanced studies by gaining the skills that enhance their ability to communicate effectively using transferable and soft skills.

3. Support the maritime sector with successful marine engineers to carry out the engineering watch at sea and maintain systems based on engineering fundamentals and modern technological tools.

4. Prepare students for the assessment and certification as Officer-in-Charge of an Engineering Watch (OICEW) in a manned engine room or designated duty engineer officer in a periodically unmanned engine room.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

(K1) Discuss principles of mathematics, science, maritime language, engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization, and technical reports in the field of marine engineering.

(K2)  Identify relevant codes, catalogues, manufacturer’s specifications, checklists, and handbooks. (S1)  Investigate marine engineering problems to develop practical solutions using basic principles of

mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.

(S2) Examine standard tests, measurements, calculations, and experiments and analyze and interpret the results to improve processes and Design solutions.

(S3) Apply appropriate techniques, resources, installation drawings, assembly drawings and detail drawings, and modern engineering IT tools.

(S4)  Apply written, oral, and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical environments, using technical literature and report, extracting information through literature surveys and experiments, applying appropriate research methodologies and making effective presentations.

(C1)  Manage safely the watchkeeping duties of an officer in charge of an engineering watch in a manned engine room or designated duty engineer in a periodically unmanned engine room, both at sea and in port.

(C2) Manage effectively the main engine operation, auxiliary machinery and associated control system and automation.

(C3)  Perform all work in accordance with legislation, regulation, policies, and practices related to health and safety, accessibility, human rights, and environmental management.

Course Content

“My team won the BP Ultimate Field Trip, winning a six-week summer placement in the US and Trinidad & Tobago. I also joined BP’s subsea & floating summer programme and was a runner-up in the Science, Engineering and Technology student of the year awards.”

Guy Drori
BMTT (Bachelor in Maritime Transport Technology)


Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5

Entry Requirements

General Requirements

Official Documents required for application to Sharjah Maritime Academy:

  1. The original twelfth-grade certificate certified by the Ministry of Education.
  2. In the case of foreign curriculum schools and schools outside the UAE:

            a. Equivalency of the general secondary certificate from the Ministry of Education.

                b. Eleventh-grade certificate attested by the Ministry of Education

                c. Grade 10 certificate attested by the Ministry of Education

Certificate of English language in any of the following certificates and the percentages shown as follows:

EmSAT: 1100   / IELITS: 5 /      TOFEL Institutional: 500/        International TOFEL (IBT) = 61

Additional Documents Required:

1. Two (2) personal photos.

2. A copy of the student's birth certificate.

3. A copy of the student's EID card + the guardians.

4. A copy of the passport of the student + guardian (in addition to the unified number, file and family number for UAE nationals)

5. A copy of the residence permit (for expatriates)

6. A copy of the family book (for UAE nationals)

7. A letter from the National Service authority (for male citizens of the UAE)

8. Certificate of Good Conduct - Criminal Status (Applied by the Ministry of Interior) submitted to the Sharjah Maritime Academy.

9. Salary letter from the student's guardian (for citizens of the Emirate of Sharjah and children of citizens of the Emirate of Sharjah) terms and conditions apply.

10. Deposit of application fees (660 dirhams - non-refundable)

11. Student and Parent Contact Details.

For Bank Deposit

Sharjah Islamic Bank

(0012070039001: Account)



For more information, you can contact us.

+971 9 2089999

+971 9 2089560

+971 9 2089557

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Additional costs
Additional costs
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All fees shown are annual and may be subject to an increase each year.

Marine Engineering Technology is a rapidly growing field that offers a range of career opportunities. As a Marine Engineering Technologist, you'll design, build, and maintain marine structures and equipment, working with other professionals to ensure safe and efficient operation. With increasing demand for sustainable technologies, this field offers a chance to make a positive impact. With competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement, a career in Marine Engineering Technology is ideal for those passionate about the maritime industry and aspiring to make a difference and a positive impact.

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